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There was an audible 'whoosh'

This particular client usually wanted to have a craniosacral therapy session simply for re-energizing and re-aligning. As we started the session, it was immediately obvious that there was a blockage in his system somewhere - the craniosacral rhythm seemed to get stucked in an area between the xiphoid process and solar plexus. Using the therapy techniques an energy cyst was confirmed and then treated and released. As the final release came through, I heard audible 'whoosh' escaping from my client's lips, and all his body softened into a deep relaxation. Afterwards he thanked me and told, that he had been suffering from a unusual bloating and tight chest for few weeks. He described that the release felt like 'pulling a plug from blocked drain'.

Professor Upledger always said that for us as therapists it is not important to know a name of an ailment to treat it, and I couldn't agree more.However, in this case I satisfied my curiosity and concluded that it was a case of acute cardiac spinchter compression. And as usual, given a chance through craniosacral therapy the body in its wisdom corrects and heals itself. Wonderful!

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