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Sleep Deprivation

Often I hear a comment from my patients 'I slept like a baby all night' or 'Recently I have started to sleep better' and 'I woke up totally refreshed'. These are people who have come to see me for help to sleep better, even if they can't yet make necessary changes in their hectic professional lives. 2-3 treatment sessions usually help them to have more energy and be able to focus during the day. Until they return some six weeks later... ​People suffering from severe insomnia, or sleep apnea, however, will need more than three treatment sessions, as there may be somatoemotional issues causing the symptoms. Addressing these issues generally involve more dialogue, verbal and non-verbal, between me and the patient, guiding the patient to the direction of meeting him/herself in regards of the issue.  ​Now here's another reason why good sleep is so important - our brain does all its cleaning when we sleep. There's two ways it does this, in flash floods and slow flushing. Read more from Maiken! Just think of it - the brain is a laundry machine!

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Busy December 2017

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