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Pretty smile too early?

Dental braces, jaw growth, headache and pretty smile. Orthodontic treatment has become very popular, with an estimated 4 million people in the US wearing braces at any time (2015 - and ever increasing numbers elsewhere in the world). Of this number, approximately only 25% are adults. Dental braces are used for restorative and functional purposes, as well as for purely cosmetic reasons. ... Common side effects of orthodontic braces in adults are transient headaches, which typically occur following the periodic adjustment and tightening of the braces. Children also suffer from hyperactivity, difficulty in focusing, mood swings and even hormonal imbalances. For cosmetic purposes I would recommend to start using the braces at the earliest once the cranial bones' growth and fusing is finished - at around 16 years of age (Ethmoid, neurocranium bone). We want a pretty smile but at what cost? For functional and restorative purposes it would be ideal to form a team consisting of dental specialist, medical doctor and craniosacral therapist, especially in question of very young child. This way the child's needs would be met and pains reduced to minimum.

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