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'New' Organ

There's been a lot of huff and puff about recently discovered new organ. That's right, 'new' organ. Of course we've had it all the time but similarly as we 'discovered' America the time has now been deemed right to name it. Dear child has many names, and so has this new organ - fascia system, peri-fascial membranes, bio-mechanical auto-regulatory system, microvacuolar system... and now interstitium. Names and namings aside (seriously, 'craniosacral therapy'???), the news last year really was that fascia actually is an organ. We know some of the functions of this organ, and I'm sure that scientific research will soon produce much more fascinating information. Some of us would like to enhance the collagen production, whereas others might want to find better ways to treat burns, and this of course is just the tip of iceberg.  Organ: a part of an organism which is typically self-contained and has a specific vital function. ​ ​Watch this 28-min video and read Tom's blog about the subject:

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