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This year up to end of June has been a roller-coaster, in more ways than one. Early February I was hit with a personal catastrophe -train, and for sure I am not totally recovered. If I ever will. Suicide in the family is not something that anybody had anticipated - or otherwise we did not know how to read signs (or lack of them). Anyway, now we are gearing up to a memorial, as a celebration of life even when the author decided to put a full stop to it. Dealing with this will be a long process. 

​Early this year I also anticipated to 'soon' start working in a health clinic - well, after the applications and notarized copies of absolutely everything, I'm almost there. Office looks friendly, and more importantly we are working as team - clinical psychologist, family physician, nutritionist and myself. And we are looking for more areas of expertise to be covered!  ​

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