How do I do it?

When we meet for the first time the clinic receptionist will take your basic details and nurse your vitals. They will then direct you to my office and we can discuss your health and life situation - craniosacral therapy treats you from holistic perspective. Everyone is treated individually and in complete confidence - you are unique.​ The craniosacral therapy session consists of evaluation of the functionality of the craniosacral system per se, and treatment. During the treatment you will lie on a treatment table (after having removed belts, shoes, necklaces and earrings and turned your phone into silent mode). Some background music will be on, unless you'd rather not have it.  If your problems prevent you from lying on my treatment table, we'll find a way that you can relax in comfort. Children and babies are treated where and how they feel safe and comfortable - on bed, seated in lap, playing on the floor, whatever suits them best.

What happens during the session? 

I will palpate your craniosacral rhythm for its symmetry, quality, amplitude and rate by placing my hands very lightly over and under your body, including the head. Treatment involves very light compressions and tractions. When tension in the body is releasing, the general fluid circulation enhances, and you might experience some tingling, pulsation, heat or cold. During the treatment you are welcome to ask questions, tell me about your feelings, cry or laugh or just take a well earned rest (like so many do!) - it's all good. There is no pain involved in the techniques that we use.

And afterwards? 

It is normal for the blood pressure to drop slightly so we will sit and chat for few moments, discover your experiences and decide on further actions. You can expect to be very thirsty for some hours and need to drink plenty of water but otherwise you can carry on as normal. However, if you plan to take part in competitive sport event on the same day, you might prepare yourself not to be the winner! Your body will concentrate on re-alignment and continue with the self-healing for a day or two. Most people report of most restorative and deep sleep on the night after treatment.

Who will benefit from craniosacral therapy?

Everybody. From pre-natal to advanced age!

When can't I have a treatment?

Recent concussion or active lesions in the brain or spinal cord are serious contraindications, and I would wait until your medical doctor has stabilized your condition first.

What if I do not have any problems? 

Even if you don't have any particular issue, a craniosacral therapy treatment will benefit you by balancing and strengthening the overall central nervous system.

As is necessary

​We can do it on a table,

We can do it in a stable,
Anywhere that we are able,
Upright, downright, sitting still
Even sliding down a hill
​Hands can reach and feel that rhythm
From any angle in the prism
No law here says how it goes
​Start the protocol with her toes

​(Lionel G. Bowen)